Turning on scoring relative to guide crashes 176

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Opened on:Wednesday, July 29, 2009 - 04:51
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See title. For your information, my computer runs Windows XP SP3. In addition, loading another solution as a guide and then scoring relative to guide in 176 (or in other puzzles) would NOT crash the program.

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Thanks, that information was useful in tracking it down. It should be fixed in the next update.

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Marking as resolved since it has been released. Please reopen if there is still a problem.

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Evening - I'm crashing trying to load solutions as guides. Bug is on a XP Pro SP2, dual-core intel HP xw4400 wstation, and my XP Pro SP3 dual-core intel laptop. I have group solutions from teamates, my solutions uploaded from the XP2 komp, and solutions from my laptop, all will crash as a guide. I dont have show guide or score rel to guide when I load. The only solution that will load is a wiggled save that I've just saved... Not terribly helpful as a guide.

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ERROR: base_ref_info->sidechain_locks.size() == sequence_mapping.from_reference().size1()
ERROR:: Exit from: /scratch/scooper/rosetta/src/mini-interactive-main/mini/src/interactive/util/ReferencePoseInfo.cc line: 221

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Old puzzle. Closing.


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