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Perhaps related to the 'system down' over the weekend, but ingame scores and web are not correlating again. Usually, you can resolve this by logging off from Foldit, it seems to force a sever connect so the web score will update. This time, however, after doing some evolver work on 167, and noticing as I changed puzzles that the score/position in the game summary of the puzzle menu hadnt updated, I went to 165. As I logged on today, I noticed the summaries still hadnt updated. But, entering and leaving each puzzle seems to achieve the same forced server connect. I only bring it up because I had a buddy notification of someone moving top 10 then top 5, but none of this is reflected on the webscore for that puzzle, they're still listed in the 20's. They're now logged off, and I assume it will suddenly update when they go back in to that puzzle. With puzzle deadlines approaching, I wonder if someone can take a look?

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We'll get right to fixing that. Thanks for pointing this out.

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My closing score for '167: Flu Virus Design' was 9686 and I was playing & saving right up to closing on 7/15. I had noticed previously that when I logged in and went to 167 my score would come up as 9532. If I hit 'Restore Very Best' my score would update. 'Save and Exit' didn't seem to fix the problem. The web score still shows me at 9532 and last date I played is shown as 7/11. I'd sure like to get this corrected. I'm attaching my 'autosave-creditbest-98681-986468.ir_solution' file, I think it's the correct one for 167 and hope it helps.

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