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What does Impact: -663.66 on a recipes page mean?

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Impact is a rudimentary measure of the effect a macro has on the score. I'm afraid it was expressed in different units than the game score; this has now been fixed. The measure will be explained once it is improved. Until then, I might hide it entirely to save confusion.

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because there are macros that
- aren't there for score gain (or don't do it in themselves)
- use different methods
- with different size of the macro

e.g. You can use the same macro with click-start-click-start-click-start or you have an entry "wait for user click" that would work start-click-click-click - thats just a matter of what you like more.

I don't think that score makes any sense for downloaders. Perphaps for the scripters in test of different versions of their script with minimal changes, but that is the only point where I can see that is could be at least a bit useful.

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I think the av. score CAN show, how effective a macro is, BUT it depends on the puzzle.
If a player uses a macro on the wrong puzzle, it will be crushed, dropping the av. impact value.

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At this point, I give the idea to calculate the average impact with the RMS method.
Maybe with one calculating window, using all values, and another, respecting only the last x actions,
or show minimum, maximum and average RMS.

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It's nice to have the clickable headings for sorting.

However, if "Player" heading is clicked, the data all disappears. It re-appears if one of the other headings is clicked.

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Good call, Brick. I'll fix that. Thanks.


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How about checking, if the macro was run completely and not cancelled, to get more reliable impact score?
Or you can simply watch and compare the "very best score"-content before and after the script to get a more valuable impact data.

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closed. Implemented, resolved, no comments or votes since 2009


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