T-shirt Competition

Hello folders,

Since there have been no new entries for the T-shirt competition for a few weeks (actually, one entry was submitted as I was typing this), and very few votes, we have put up all the entries for you to see:

Foldit T-shirt Competition!

This time, you may rate the t-shirts on a scale of 1-5 rather than just approving/disapproving of them. We will choose the highest rated entry or entries and make them into t-shirts you can buy.

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I have just given my star ratings, there are some very good designs I think. I would appreciate it if good quality material is chosen. I know you may be limited in the quantity you can commission so won't request a ladies version but it would be nice if the shirts didn't look like sacks and would keep their shape after being washed. That way I may be more inclined to wear them. It would be nice to have a choice of colours or at least white and black depending on the design chosen. Thank you.

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Re: T-shirt Competition

Sensible ideas. We'll discuss the choice of materials as well as possible different background colours with the community. Right now we're just choosing a design or designs.

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T-Shirt Designs ??

3 days after the post and the Designs are gone.

Where'd they go?

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Re: T-shirt Competition

It was down for maintenance from yesterday evening until this morning, as noted in the page title.

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t-shirt design competitions

Threadless pretty much is the godfather of t-shirt design competitions. It is a weekly battle with occasional themed contests.Win $2500+ if you.Polo shirts

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Great t shirts, really awesome.

Hi, great t shirts & awesome designs. I bought some Italian T Shirts really they are good in design but they are very very expensive for me. I like to buy some nice & cool design t shirts from foldit, how can i buy. Suggestion are welcome

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