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First, I would like to mention that I prefer to have a normal scripting language, as soon as possible, so we can use it as efficient as possible.
(Come-on, we can learn both Computing and Biology with this game).
I will try to point out the most urgent improvements as I see it:

Highest priority:
1. Add Undo; Rebuild and Redo functions
2. For statement: especially to stride the residues locations. The current stride option is very limited. For example, I can't do two consecutive operations in the same stride(like: local wiggle and then restore best before switching to the next residue)

High priority:
3. The ability to run a recipe within a recipe (did I said sub-routines)
4. Using variables and getting game parameters, like best score, current score, status of residues (freezed, banded, local score etc.).
5. Control structures like while, repeat, if
6. A way to Share, Edit and Copy/Paste recipes – One easy idea: make the all.macro file more human-friendly.

Lower priority
7. Input and Output options (like: print to screen).

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there are already several issues with this content. However, not the last one:

Input/Output: print I can understand, but what do you mean with input?

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by Input I mean steps that the software will ask me to set a variable (for example). BTW I think a beep will be also an important output option.
I know I included some suggestion already mentioned, but I wanted to express the priorities, as I see them.

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First, I would like to mention that I prefer a G.U.I.

The idea about more "human-friendly all.macro file".
Could the macro (recipe) be saved as individual files in a sub-folder inside the foldit folder by cookbook. individual files could be Easily copied than shared.

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with the folder alone you have no order in the cookbook

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what about your idea "cookbook: move recipes"
"an easy way to move recipes in the list up/down"

which seth cooper had assigned to hlv

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with only the folder. You would need at least another file with the order.

currently, the order is given by the order in the all.macro

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Set details.

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In addition, for "debugging" and improvement, showing the row position when running a recipe and the ability to start from a selected recipe position (row) would be very nice.

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LUA scripting. GUI are history. Closing.


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