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an easy way to move recipes in the list up/down

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yes, we need this option.

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By the way...
Any chance to get an option to clear those recipes without a name out of the recipe list?

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Switch to "old" interfeace and back to new - if there are deleted recipes.
Or set info in recipe -if recipe is saved w/o name (this is possible anyway?).

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As we acquire more recipes, the organization in the recipe list is becoming limiting. We need the ability to create folders and place recipes into those folders.

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This reminds me of this thread:

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At the moment, NO downloaded lua recipe is displayed in the client's cookbook!
The browser says that it was added, but it isn't shown.
It's also not stored in the all.macro-file!

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Odd. Works for me. "Only" need to be in old interfeace.

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Yes, normally, this did the trick.
But not now.
I've even installed foldit new.
No chance.
Only way at the moment to get recipes is pasting them.

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...and the pasted ones turn green :/

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Now, the internet site says that I have to run foldit although it is already running, and I'm already running the game.
That's annoying.

Time for:
1.: An extra recipe folder with .lua files
2.: The recipe text in the recipe section, so if you can't download recipes, you can copy and paste them at least.
This is why I not only upload recipes, but also give a link of the recipe text (pastebin) or the text itself.

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This needs to be looked after. Any information on progress?

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Would be nice.
I've got some old recipe mods floating around.
They were specially applied for one single puzzle each, but those puzzles are not active any more.

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Duplicate to:


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