"ice block" feature to move sections of protein together

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A lot of times large proteins cannot be moved efficiently by using rubber bands because moving one loop moves it in relation to more than just one other loop. to move a portion of the whole protein would be useful if I could preserve the position of nearby chains.

I think players compensate for this by using freeze and by reducing band strength, but those are workarounds.

The feature would work by setting a minimum of 4 points in space to freeze the space between them (ie. create an ice block holding the parts together) or by setting a plane in space (3 points) and choosing to freeze everything to one or the other side of it.

The frozen bit could then be moved without destroying bonds and creating clashes within it.

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Good idea!
In another thread, there was "spherical freeze" mentioned, a possibility to freeze only a sphere-formed area. Maybe your and the other idea are combinable.

When the MOVE-tool appears, there already appears a sphere.
This could be the point of time to select the radius, which area should be affected by the move tool.
Freezing only in this area should be also possible, when the MOVE tool is active.

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Oh, I just found it now:
You should read "Spherical wiggle", issue 500-75.
The new interface offers spherical frezzing by pressing control-shift and dragging.

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We have the "cut" function, now, which effectively does what the poster requested. Closing this feedback as resolved.


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