Game screen colors turn solid blue, red and grey

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The protein body (all loops) with most of the display features turned off turns solid colours (grey loops, with red and blue horn-like sidechain stubs everywhere. Those stubs don't seem to be the actual sidechain stubs - there is way too many of them and they are regular. Graphics want sharp with pixels standing out on edges.

This seems to happen when I press Ctrl-B to revert to very best score.
Also, I can resolve it by restarting the game but the problem comes back.

Started happening after I restarted the game today to check if there is a new puzzle. There was an update today but the update only came down on a second game restart - so does nto look like the update did it locally.

ALSO - may or may not be related - after the display "breaking" one time, the user list was composed of "[account deleted]" or somethin along those lines. Fixed on a game restart and did not come back.

attaching screenshot of "broken" graphics

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These are additional view modes, not really a bug.
They can be accessed with the hotkeys Ctrl-Shift-C/V/B/S
To return to the normal view Ctrl-Shift-M

These should really be documented in the help

In linux, i've noticed the caps lock key seems to be registering as holding down the shift key in game, so if caps lock is on while hitting ctrl-b it will register as shift-ctrl-b and switch to the weird view mode, this may be the bug your seeing

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Yes, that's a different view option. I'll see about putting them in game's hotkeys list.

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OK, thank. To add to Judecca's comment: I was using an onscreen keyboard and in this mode sometimes Caps Lock is in sticky mode of some sort. Which means that I may have had Caps Lock and Shift and B pressed all at once.

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Ok, these hotkeys should show up in the View Options list in the next update.

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Marking as resolved.


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