No Structures No player list in 139: Rosetta Decoy 3

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There are no structures in the newest puzzle. While it will be fairly easy for any of the advanced folders to recognize and change the structures, we will not have the ability to use the reset structures button, as it will revert to all loops again. The bigger issue is that there is only one puzzle, and any of the new folders are going to be completely lost when they see this huge protein with no structure. The intros really don't teach you how to do the type/scale of work required to do this. Also, the player list is once again malfunctioning.

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The player list is now working, thanks. Assigning the issue to Mike because of the structures.

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Yes, thanks for pointing this out. We're going to make sure that there is structures in the future on all the puzzles in this set, it remains to be seen whether we will be able to do anything immediately about this puzzle.

As for your second point, I think that is a great idea. I'll plan on posting a beginner puzzle this afternoon. Our tentative plan with these puzzles is to leave them up for an extended period of time (possibly for a month, with a new one coming up every couple of weeks so there should always be 2 of them after we get started). We also may reset the scores on these puzzles periodically.

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Thanks to Madde for coming up with the idea for having beginner puzzles available for the new people to try out their tool skills. Thanks also for implementing it. I really think it will help keep new users around if they can immediately see how fun it can be to work with the regular-size proteins. Are you planning on limiting the users who can play these puzzles to anyone under 150 global points? While I'm sure everyone would jump at the chance for extra puzzles to work on, I think it would be better to allow the new people to compete only against each other.

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The plan is to keep them restricted to those under 150 points. The puzzles will mostly be messed up natives of some smaller proteins. We think its best that our expert players spend more of their time on the standard puzzles, because those are the ones that we are using for our research, and the beginner puzzles will be geared to learning the basics of competition on proteins that are much less refined than some of the standard ones.

I will try and do a better job of having more standard puzzles up as well, I know it can be frustrating to be stuck on one and not have another one to work on. I'll get the next puzzle out tomorrow, and then try to keep 2 or 3 up at all times.

Also, regarding 139 and structures, we're working on an update with a few small fixes that should hopefully go out later today or tomorrow, and once it's out, you should be able to reset the puzzle and the structures will appear.

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I just have a thought that this means there is no help from experienced players. You can't do much from a screen.

And from this on: Would it be possible (technically, I'm not talking about priority at tis point) to have a sort of "video" from a puzzle? Not a real one:
I don't know how the puzzles are saved. Can you have a all-time history (a full undo graph), where you can go back and forth? transportalbe?
Would it be possible to have 2 people sitting on the same version of a puzzle like in a multiplayer game?

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I've redirected the discussion for the beginner puzzles to a forum thread:

As for your other points, the issue with having an all-time history for a puzzle is the amount of space it takes up. We have to limit the undo graph for memory management issues, because there is a lot of information in a proteins configuration.

As for simultaneous play by multiple users, its an idea we've contemplated for a while, but haven't really spent too much time on it. We would love to have an effective way of doing this, but it probably won't be seen in the near future.

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Old puzzle. Closing case.


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