New players don't see older puzzles?

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It seems that "show expired puzzles" doesn't work for new players?

Info from HackneyB (new player)

(Wed, 04/22/2009 - 18:40  |  8 comments)

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In the puzzles menu I only see puzzle 131 and three versions of 138. This is the case today and was yesterday.

I'm a new player. Tried this on two computers.. WIndows XP and Vista with all patches and service packs.

Expired puzzles checkbox in the game program does not work to show other puzzles. When I hit refresh I get "no new puzzles" as a popup.

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I'm having the same problem on a macbook OS 10.5.6

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I think they're stored locally and the checkbox just shows the ones you already have on the computer. I'd still like to see them, though...

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Yes, it would be nice if some old puzzles were downloaded for new players, instead of just downloading the current puzzles.

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Learingin on older puzzles can be usefull :)
ATM fresh installed version can access only to open puzzles.
Closed ones (but those whih still can be handled by updated client) should be available for download.
Order of puzzles should be also changed by number, not diffucity (as sugested in other feedbacks).

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Agree with rav's comments above. In case the new players were not aware: There are some contests as well which you can use to get some practice, also if you run the beta (Developer Preview) there are some long running puzzles you can use as well.

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One of the problems is that our disks are constantly filling up with new puzzles and solutions (many of you have seen what happens when our disks get full) so we are constantly archiving your solutions as we post new ones.
This is one reason that we don't keep old puzzles around.

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Explanation given by beta_helix. Closing.


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