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I have looked on the developer preview and this is what I think about the cookbook:

- blue dashed boxes: too small area. The buttons are also fairly small.
- I don't like the click needed. It would be better to have the icons on the right and just drag&drop them to a place would be better. Double click for the last position.

I also would like a bit more script language oriented approach. It may be a bit harder to learn, but faster to work with it after that – and more things possible.
So not „Wiggle for 10 iterations“, it would be „wiggle_it(10)“ and e.g. wiggle_score(100) or wiggle_sec(5)
That also means it would be possible to write the entries with keystrokes. Faster than now. (Of course, f you can maintain both versions, it would be best ^^)
We also need a „random(x)“; a „get_score“ and the other score and undo related actions.
And then we need the possibility to store integers and get them from score, iterations and everything. (e.g. to create a script that does local rebuilds, uses different approaches and than goes to the best score. At the moment that takes ages.)
A way to ask users for input (e.g. a number for iterations)

And, of course, a way to share recipes between everyone (or only team).

How is iteration defined? Sometimes the wiggle goes in less than a second, sometimes it seems endless.

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Very important point:
A uses(script) to include smaller scripts in another or a meta-script.

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Set details.

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I already commented in the blog-post about it, but I fear that that may not be the right place. So I will summarize the three things I want here:

1. Wiggle for x seconds instead of iterations
2. A repeat item that repeats a list of items (or another script) a chosen amount of times
3. Not only user picked or all residues, also random ones.

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Updating case information.

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We can script in LUA. GUI scripts are now outdated. Closing.


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