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I would take Taylor's comments one step further. Not only is some basic programming logic necessary but why reinvent the wheel. People have been attempting high level language interfaces for decades. Follow one of the better high level languages for cookbook logic interface and be done with it.

The cookbook/recipe idea is brilliant. The graphics of these additions are super. I've never seen anything with such upbeat, intelligent design. It's compelling and fun. Well done, guys!! But you have an uphill battle if you think you're going to make an interface for "Set new global variable", "make these statements a subroutine", "if...then", "Do...while", and about twenty other very useful, necessary bits of logic.

I suggest you have a scripting interface. Yes, only a handful of people will know how to use it. But there are only about 200 people total who would ever want to write scripts anyway. Instead, you'll have a fabulous cookbook filled with many great, ready to go recipes that hundreds of people will use built by that handful of folders.

Here is a typical script that is called "walking the dog" or WTD by folders. How would you implement this? Whatever interface you come up with will have to do this minimum level of logic.

1. Set H to High Score: Set S to zero. Set x=1
2. Lock segment x
3. Lock segment x + 3
4. Local wiggle segments x+1 and x+2
5. Go Subroutine to Stop when counter stops making forward progress.
6. Set variable S to current score
7. If S is greater than H let H equal S
8. Lock segment x + 1
9. Unlock segment x+ 3
10 Lock segment x + 4
11. Local wiggle segments x+2, x+3
12. To subroutine to stop when counter stops making forward progress.
13. Let x = x +1:
14. If x=max segment number set x to 0.
Repeat 1-13

Subroutine (stop when counter stops forward progress after T iterations)

Great work.


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I like the graphical user interface idea.
Yes Phi is right about a script interface. "Yes, only a handful of people will know how to use it"
I think the interfaces and game should remain user friendly and accessible to most user`s if not all and about you comment  "why reinvent the wheel" Foldit is about reinventing the wheel , "enabling you to contribute to important scientific research" (foldit)

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how do you make if's or repeats?

There is a script I wnat to build, that could be done now (at least very simple) - but it would grow immense for every refinement in the current graphical UI.

foldit has 2 advantages if you think about scripts, that in comparism no other game has.
A "normal" script has 3 parts: One where you define when it should go and what it needs, one where the main part goes and the action is done, and one part where the results are determined and carried out.
Foldit needs only part2.
Part 1 is given by the puzzle, part 3 is what the puzle looks like after. There may be some human input, but thats minimal in comparism.

btw: scripts consisting of text could easily stored and transfered in .txt files. script transfer between users (and use/start of scripts in other scripts) is very important I think.

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Have no fear, we fully intend to provide a programmatic way of providing recipes.  It's just that we wanted to get recipes to the 99% of foldit players that don't program first. 

the LUA scripting should be released in a month or so.  all operations currently existing in the graphical UI and probably a few more will be in the API.  if you want to get a head start, look up the syntax/examples in Lua programming language.

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Set details.

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LUA is planned, which will take care of such needs. Closing.


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