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I see that now, very soon all the public solutions are from a single starting solution which is been evolved.
This misses the idea that all hand puzzles should benefit from solutions from different groups and players.
I  think it will be more helpful for the public solutions to be posted from different solution lineages.
What I suggest is that only the best solution for each of the initial solutions will be posted. I think this will promote the finding of best solutions much better.


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We were just talking about this problem in the last meeting. One idea that was suggested was to take one solution with a high score in one area of the protein, another solution with the highest score in a different area of the protein, and so on.

I don't want to say too much since I'll probably explain it wrong, but yes, we're definitely trying to think of a way to increase diversity of All Hands public solutions.

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One approach would be to color code the guide with the point difference. Then one could appreciate the differences and concentrate on matching the area most different.

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That would not help; we don't know the right answer. The best thing is to make sure the public solutions are a diverse lot, for which the best structures on a region-by-region basis might be selected.

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closed, apparently resolved or no comments since 2009


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