parsing error while saving solutions

Case number:845813-985746
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Opened on:Friday, March 6, 2009 - 21:51
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I think I have narrowed this bug down to punctuation problem in the description or name. When I repeatedly got the message that the puzzle had a parsing problem and saved it with no name or descri[ption I tried again with no punctuation and removed commas, periods, dashes and apostrophes. My guess is its all of them but most likely apostrophes that is causing the problem.

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This has been reported before, a few times, but never fixed, and has gone on for years (literally).

If you use a comma or an apostrophe in the title or description of a solution, it uploads to the server as "No Name" and can't be downloaded by anyone else.

Small annoying thing - but we all make the mistake sometimes, and teams need to spend time with new people explaining the bug over & over again.

It would be great if it could be fixed...

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Seth, this is a silly bug, hopefully it's a quick fix.

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Looks like is fixed. Closing.


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