File saving

Case number:845799-985738
Opened by:Mike Cassidy
Opened on:Thursday, March 5, 2009 - 01:50
Last modified:Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 20:34

I could only save one file this evening. I saved our group file and when I went to save my solo I could not; I was told I had too many files. I had saved only the group file,

Puzzle 129

(Thu, 03/05/2009 - 01:50  |  3 comments)

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Montee saved more than one file to both 129 and 130 so appears to be me.

Joined: 06/24/2008
Groups: Void Crushers

on 130 i can save more than1 file; it seem to be a 129 problem

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Old puzzle. Closing case.


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