upload of edited solution failes

Case number:671071-985688
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Opened by:LennStar
Opened on:Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 20:10
Last modified:Tuesday, April 7, 2009 - 00:28

If you edit your solutions, you get an error at the upload

Error reading 0000768588.ir_shared_solution.ir_solution; expected VRFY, got [x] .

[x] is a box with a x

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this bug is still there and not related to the server problems at the same time, in case you missed it

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I know this error message very well. I get it myself form time to time.
Until they sort it out you can share your autosaved solutions.

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you get it [b]always[/b] if you changed anything in your saves.

If you get an error with unchanged saves, its one that never happened to me.

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Can you be more specific about how to get this error?  Can you give a sequence of steps to reproduce it?

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- save a solution
- klick edit
- save again (you don't even need to change smth.)
- upload to my group
-> error

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Pressing the edit button on any solution,then saving and trying to upload, fails on either upload to group or for self

error in log appears as:

Error reading puzzle_985875_time_1238704187.ir_solution; expected VRFY, got v��?.

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Ok, thanks for the information.  I think this is fixed and should go out in the next update.

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This is in the release, so marking as resolved.


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