Fetching solutions from user computers.

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Opened on:Friday, February 20, 2009 - 11:09
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On the first all hands puzzle I started to evolve the top solution shared to the group by g_s. I made a few hundredths of a point and saved the solution. I didn't officially evolve it according to the rules.

Later worked on a public solution, rebuilding the end and made it up to 9402.192

At some point in time, a little before 11am UTC (?) suddenly I jumped to the top.

I suspect the application posted the highest score solution to the server and treated it as an evolved solution. Even though it is higher than g_s' solution, should not be considered in ranking.

Please review the current algorithm and adjust the scoreboard.


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Thanks for posting, we also noticed this problem in all hands and it should be fixed in the current release.


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