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Opened by:csohad
Opened on:Friday, February 20, 2009 - 07:48
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I want to suggest a new tool, (which was discussed previously, in different formats):
Often two solutions have similar score but different structure. It will be very beneficial to compare which domains are responsible and to combine solutions.

What I suggest is a copy from guide option. In principle, it should copy the structure of the residues between two locked resides from the guide and paste it into the current solution.

I believe it could be very beneficial to achieve better solutions.

Love to hear what you think,

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Thanks for implementing this option on the All-hand puzzle.
I think enabling this option in evolver mode could be even more effective since it will allow it use it also in earlier stages of the game, and with cooperation between group members.

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And how about band snapping to the guide, so you can wiggle out a transition between the current and guide solution.

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Why not just a single function "Conform protein to guide" ? Then everyone can just press that button and sit back and watch the perfect fold happen.

Or perhaps the reason behind doing the "match the guide" puzzles is to see the methods used, not the result?

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I´m speaking about a solution which is built out of two other solutions (myself and and a teammate), not a copy or imitation.
And I didn´t mention that this feature can be used everytime or in solo mode, or in connection with natural given solutions.

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No more all-hands puzzle.
We can load solution to threading tool.


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