Update to Puzzle Levels

Today we've posted an update that changes the way text is presented in Foldit's puzzle levels.  We hope this will be more entertaining and informative, and help new users on their way to becoming expert folders!  Even if you've played through the levels before, you may want to try them again!

What do you think of this new style?

(Wed, 02/18/2009 - 18:10  |  7 comments)
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I like the mobile speech

I like the mobile speech bubbles in the tutorials.

I didn't see anywhere in the puzzles where the shake tool was explained. It was available, I think, somewhere in the 3rd set of puzzles, but I don't remember it mentioned until 5-1.

P.S. If this needs to be moved to the feedback tracker let me know. I assumed by the question in the post that you wanted responses, but I wasn't sure where.

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Already seeing some

Already seeing some interesting differences in the level statistics. I'm very curious how this will affect things. :)

ZZZ, the shake tool is introduced in puzzle 1-4. Thanks for the feedback though.

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I really don't understand why is it good to anyone at the foldit team to mess up the 'A' hotkey. Are we subject of some social experiment here? So sad....

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Bug with 'A' key

Sorry about that. The lack of 'a' hotkey is unintentional. It was something I had to change to get the program to compile on my PPC Mac after an update. I didn't mean to include that change in the latest update. If possible, I'll try to put it back as soon as I can, assuming I can get it to work again.

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It is scary that you change

It is scary that you change the release candidate at will, that is already supposed to work on all platforms, and then submit the changes for publication without testing the package on all platforms again... If I understand correctly your words....

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no evolver message

there is no "you changed to evolver mode" message and also none about number of shared solutions from teammembers (btw: it makes no sense to say that there are 2 if the 2 are from yourself ;))

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whos havin balats

knock knock------who their--------banana peel=====banana peel who-------------banana peel you

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