Error reading solution on attempt to upload solution

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Opened on:Wednesday, February 18, 2009 - 07:02
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The following error was reported:

Error reading puzzle_985080_time_1234938058.ir_solution; expected VRFY, got ŠÑ¿ .

(ŠÑ¿ from log.txt appeared in foldit app as [U+22A0: Squared Times]).

This occured after the following :
• successfully uploading a solution
• noticing an error in the comment
• successfully deleting the solution from server
• editing comment for local solution

Upon attempting to reupload the edited solution, the afore mentioned error was reported.

see attached

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Similar problem.
After improving a script, unsharing the old one and successfully uploading the new one (Multi-tool 5.813),
you get an "500: internal server error" or a white screen when trying to open the description.

On other scripts, unsharing, giving it a new name and uploading it again, it works (Smart Rebuild 2.0).
Maybe some problems with (getting) meta-information (authors, parent, children) or some background-garbage in the macro-file? I've attached my "all.macro"-file but renamed it as "all.macro.png" to make attachment possible.

I badly need to upload it, not only for other users, but also because on weekends I'm not at home, using another PC.

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Server problems fixed. Done.


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