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It would be nice if foreign characters could be used in chat.  Specifically I would like accents and tildes to be available for when I need to communicate to Spanis speakers, but umlauts I'm sure would also be appreciated.

Thank you

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Bumping this up. With more and more players from outside the US/UK/Europe playing, it's becoming increasingly frustrating to chat with others in their own language. Without accent marks, some words --- Spanish words, for one --- change meaning.

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Beware of char of detach bug :)
UTF handling for IRC client would be great, but it need be filtered properly to not kill client.
IRC module need to be properly protected to avoid client crash.
Maybe we can get "reconnect" button and fix crashing when lost connection at same time?

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Like the necromancer, I am reviving a dead subject.

We never did get the characters needed in chat for foreign languages. Whatever became of this?

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There are *some* signs of life.

Back in April, Foldit user socramdm created a new Brazilian Portuguese translation. See

The Brazilian translation shows Foldit has at least the basic European accents. Actually, if you look in the list of languages under "Set Language" on the login screen) you'll see Czech, French, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish with accents and even non-Roman letters.

I'm not sure if Foldit has all the characters needed for Hungarian or Turkish, but I think it may. Since there's a Russian translation, I suspect Greek would also be possible.

The new translation also turned up a lot of problems. The web site feature for sharing translations is broken, and the translation template file isn't getting updated as new features are added. Apparently, there are also issues with some of the underlying open source software, which supports a limited range of characters.

Even beyond the issue of character ranges, there are problems with languages which get written in more of a 3D way - not a simple left-to-right string of characters. Take a look at the wikipedia article for Hangul, the script used to write Korean: There's a nice illustration of how the word "Hangul" is written, in the History section. I'll go out on a limb, and say Foldit would have problems with that.

Bottom line, there may have been some progress since 2011, but there are still quite a few issues to be ironed out.


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