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I played puzzle 123 for hours yesterday, but today it crashes whenever I try to shake or wiggle. It crashes immediately (as if it were a button saying press this to crash). I had the same behavior with another puzzle not long ago, before the previous update actually. Seems that the update did not fix that.

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I don't know why but every time. I start the game and play it for awhile my screen flashes and the game crashes.

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For those that are experiencing frequent crashes during normal play, I found one thing that seems to help on the machines which constantly crash for me...

Right click the desktop and choose properties

in box that comes up choose Settings tab at the top

At the bottom of the settings tab, choose advanced

In the new box that pops up click on troubleshoot tab at the top

in the troubleshoot tab, uncheck the box that says enable write combining if it is checked, and back off the hardware acceleration a bit..

On one machine I had to back this off 2 segments, and on my laptop I had to take it all the way down to the second notch.

Changing these settings can make gameplay a bit choppy, or cause artifacts on the screen while playing, but for myself anyway, this is preferable to crashing.

You will want to change these settings back, for when you are not playing foldit !

On the machines I have with better video cards, and a lot of video memory, I have not been having any issues, it's just the lower end video chipsets that have had this issue for me.

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Old puzzle.
Client updated, no more reports. Closing.


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