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For the new all-hands puzzles a tool to copy a part of a solution to another solution (of the same protein of course) would be great.

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Would not the copied part get deformed during the first wiggle?

As I saw, the application is very particular about the integrity of the protein as a whole unit. Copying a part of it from an other solution could cause problem with this... I guess.

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I think the whole protein would change its shape during the first wiggle, potentially with a higher score.

Of course you would have to refine the shape afterwards.

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Yes, this is something that we have considered, in order to allow players to take chunks of the different all hands puzzles and glue them together in a manner that doesn't completely whack the protein out of shape. This is a great idea, but I wouldn't expect to see it in the impending release of the all hands mode, it will more likely be a bit further down the road.

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We can use thread tool to mix solutions. Done.


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