Sneak Preview: All-hands competition

In the process we of analyzing the folded proteins produced by the gameplay, on several occasions we noticed that there would be a significant benefit in merging the efforts between different groups and soloists.  Specifically in some instances, solutions from different groups get different parts of the protein very close to its true shape.  In addition, some of you mentioned that you would be interested in being able to look and work on the protein after the puzzle has been completed. 

With this in mind we have been workin on the all-hands competition stage.  This stage starts upon the completion of the puzzle, when all the best group solutions have been determined.  At that point anyone can try to further improve the protein structure, starting from any of the top 5 high-scoring but diversified solutions.  So unlike current puzzles you can choose to evolve any of the 5 best candidates, and perhaps combine some of the best elements from any of the starting 5 solutions.  We think there is a high likelihood that with the ultimate mind-meld of all game players together we can push the results even further.  The all-hands score will be kept in the same way that we keep the solo and evolver scores since we think that this will be yet another different skill that should be honored by itself.  We will make sure that all Grand Challenge puzzles go through the all-hands mode.

We will also be introducing the gallery mode where you should be able to view within  the game any of the old best solutions.

All these new feature, should be coming to a PC near you next week.  Please let us know what you think of this in the comments below.

( Posted by  zoran 87 3018  |  Fri, 01/16/2009 - 21:27  |  5 comments )
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sounds good

but as I had a few thoughts about similar thinks, I will use this to post here ^^:

1. number of puzzles: I'm quite new, so I don't know how it was before, but I think having only 1 (or 2 as now) puzzles is a bit too small a number.
In my opinion it would be better for both scores and people (time distribution) to increase the number to 3 and give a few days more. (Let's say 2 weeks so every 5 days a new puzzles)

With this, if one has no time for a few days one can work on everyone with enough time, and if one puzzle doesn't suit he can sit on the other 2.

2. Beginner puzzles: The current puzzles are, as you said, already "best" solutions of computing.
But I think it's hard for beginners to learn on them what to do. Too much mojo (was that the term?).
Perhaps you should make "beginners puzzles" - you can use ten of the old, very different ones, one or two puzzle every week in a beginners tournament. The scores are new every time to have the competition.
Only people in their first month can enter the beginners tournament.


In the gallery will there be videos? It doesn't sound like this. But that would be the best to learn from. With comments from the one who has foldet it ^^

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I think this will be a really great addition.
What will the gallery mode be like? Will you be able to toggle between the different solutions like a guide?

Maybe I should just wait and see, eh? lol

Carry on the good work.

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great idea

Will it be possible to see all 5 starting solutions superimposed as guides?

In any case, this seems like the next step to get to the best configuration. Also, since I don't belong to a group, this will give me an opportunity to learn how to tweak. ;)

By the way, how do we know the highest score accurately identifies the natural shape?

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A few thoughts of mine

-A third category of global score called "all-hands", "improver", "refiner" or whatever. (You mentioned that in your post)

-For the all-hands competition there should be a virtual group containing all the players so everyone can up- and download solutions.

-One must upload a solution to get "all-hands" points for it.

-After a regular puzzle has closed and the 5 top solutions are available for all players an X hours expiration countdown starts.

-When a new best was uploaded the countdown starts at the beginning or will be extended by Y hours.

What do you think?

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Has this fallen by the

Has this fallen by the wayside? Next week has come and gone. Or did the programmers get sidetracked?

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