Freeze during wiggle

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I have been noticing an odd occurrence, in which freeze appears to be acting within the confines of the global wiggle environment.

My understanding was that wiggle is supposed to function right "through" a frozen area, yet I am seeing clear occurrences of it behaving somewhat more like isolated wiggle.

it may be that under some threshold of perturbation, freeze is dominating, I don't know, but my understanding was that term was zeroed, (ie suspended DURING wiggle) _prior_ to initiation of the wiggle function until AFTER the wiggle is completed (specifically, a stop command is issued)

In the attached composite picture, not that the two situations used the same initial condition, except for one variable, namely the frozen section. images were reduced in size and extraneous screen image has been removed to reduce upload size.

Would someone from the development team, ie, Seth, Adrien, Zoran, or someone with similar detailed understanding of the inner workings of the program please respond to this issue in a timely fashion. It is alarming to say the least, in light of explicit statements to the contrary made by several of you during the initial stages of the beta release.

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There must have been a mistake or poor communication on our part where you got that info, but there is no intention to have global wiggle ignore locks entirely. The locked section is allowed to move through space, but the degrees of freedom between the locked residues are fixed. Suffice to say, changing the lock settings will likely change the results of a global wiggle, which is intended.

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Thank you for the clarification, although I wish I had been informed correctly earlier. I have been playing unaware of that fact for many months and chocked up related inconsistencies to poor "imaging" on my part of the molecular "fields", or folding magic....unfortunately I have also been misinforming newbies for months now as a result. lol 8O


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