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I don't know if you have had a chance to look at it yet, but a few weeks ago i sent an email to with a zip file containing foldit logs and windows error reports about constant crashing on my Vista laptop.

The error always resulted in the video driver freezing and locking up, where the service was restarted automatically by windows when foldit crashes.

Today I noticed an interesting "coincidence ?" On my XP desktop, I have a 260GTX video card, and recently installed the CUDA platform software and am using it on Boinc while folding. Foldit runs flawlessly on this machine, except for when I do duels, so I never noticed this before, but playing around with a couple duels today Foldit crashed twice. Both times that it crashed, the CUDA workunit running on the video card also crashed.

I thought I should bring it up, because perhaps the crashing that some machines report, may be linked to an issue with video drivers.

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Setting type. Thanks for the report.

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