remove bands ---> crash

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The program quit instantly while making a strange sound, if I place a rubber band before starting a wiggling, and trying to remove it while wiggling is in progress.
I saved the 'bug maker' standing for you, because i don't experience that bug at every puzzle, and not even experience it every time at puzzle 117, only certain placements of the band at certain standings of the molecule. You can find it in the Richard Dawkins foundation's group shared solutions directory by the name 'bug maker'.

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I saw there were others with this problem, so i made some testing. Here are my results:

- It crashes, when removing bands (by any means - does NOT matter if i use the button or the hotkey) WHILE there is a wiggling in progress (but only is some special cases).
- It does NOT matter if the band is being placed while already wiggling, or before wiggling starts.

About the shared 'solution':
To make it crash, press R when the wiggling is almost done.

My PC config: AMD dual core CPU 6000+, 4 GB RAM, Win XP 32 SP 3.

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The issue you're describing is a known bug with bands.

There are several operations involving rubber bands, that for now, you will need to be careful to either avoid or expect the possibility of program crash.

1) pressing R while wiggling to remove a group of rubber bands.

2) dynamically moving bands while wiggling

3) pressing R while rebuilding to remove a group of rubber bands

4) dynamically moving bands while rebuilding

These crashes are not 100% guaranteed, but they will happen inevitably, even if you've been lucky so far.

For the time being, dynamically removing bands is best done by clicking each one during such an operation, or alternatively, stopping the wiggle process momentarily prior to using the "R" hotkey.

Finally, I would like to stress that to be safe, please make sure you do routine local saves of your puzzle to minimize the irritation factor if you lose the puzzle's current progress due to such a crash, since that is a possibility. Autosave has been improved quietly and ime, substantially over the last several months, and I have found it nearly bullet-proof at this point, but short of implementing military redundancy coding practices, nothing is (and even then in all honestly, nothing really is !) Remember that this is a BETA, so avoiding crashes goes hand in hand with protecting your time investment by executing routine file saves...

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Setting type. Thanks for the report.

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Client updated. Closing.


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