WinXP Crashes - further testing

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Opened on:Friday, December 26, 2008 - 19:11
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I started today with a *CLEAN* install of foldit on my WinXP SP3 system.

The program started up cleanly, I was able to navigate to the puzzles, set my options (sounds off, 'view' set the way I like it, etc.). I loaded my previously uploaded shared solution from the server, and was able to work on the puzzle without errors for perhaps a half hour. I was starting to think that this resolved the continuing issues I have had since the last two updates (the 'bad' one and the immediate one following).

I did a 'Save and Exit' and closed the client cleanly.

Upon reopening the client, the 'view' options were not restored (not really a bug, so much as an annoyance), but the other options such as sounds off and decimal score were restored.

I did one global wiggle - OK. As soon as I tried a pull, immediate program error (standard Windows dialog - "Do you want to send this to Microsoft"). I closed out, reopened and same thing. Immediate crashes.

There are a number of errors in the log.txt file about loading autosaved solutions. It seems to be that the locally saved solutions are either not getting saved completely, or are not loading completely.

I also tried doing a "reset" and starting from scratch - this allowed play until I closed and reopened. Same issue with saved solutions.

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Setting type. Thanks for the report.

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Client updated. Closing.


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