Graphic engine peculiarity and system performance

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I am a Winamp User, running Windows XP media SP3, 1.86GHz Intel dual core processor, 2G primary ram, NVidia *7300GS (correction) series GPU in dual monitor mode @ 1600x1200 pixel resolution...

I have noticed in the past (but never really looked hard at the issue, let alone really paid attention to it), that some applications, when either being opened or when dragged in front of, behave very oddly once they have crossed the threshold of space occupied by

Today it annoyed me. (yes, I know, Christmas season, good cheer, etc.)

In the case of Winamp, upon opening, Winamp, there is a windows used to notify the user of available updates. While opening, it causes the screen in to flash at high speed momentarily...

So....As it happens, I had cause to move foldit to my second monitor and needed to move Winamp to the primary. Well, when I did so, I noticed something very odd.

1) while dragging Winamp over, and while it was focused but "ontop" of, the content bar in Winamp (the scrolling song title thingy) and the Spectrum analyzer windows were suddenly visible inside and nothing else from Winamp was visible.

Further, the two elements were flashing at a rate I estimate in the range of 20-30Hz.

Now why is this interesting, you ask...

Well, for two reasons. First seems to be commandeering screen real estate which no other application in my rather large library does, away from another focused application, and secondly, because these two animated windows seems to drop into a time-slice battle for screen real estate while over foldit.

What it does is make me wonder about why foldit takes so much processor time. I suspect that foldit is using a graphics engine or a screen refresh which is a bit less than optimal, and I wonder whether you're aware of the issue (it *is an issue because of the high system demands foldit takes even when fact, especially because of the high system demands while idle)

To reproduce the behavior, one need only have a copy of the freely available Winamp application. Enable "Show window contents while dragging". Then drag Winamp in front of a windowed foldit (keep dragging, ie, hold the focus on winamp by continuing to press the pick button on the mouse) Voila, there it is.

Note that the behavior is present whether foldit resides on the primary or secondary monitor, and that unlike ANY other application I have (of which the number is q1uite the range of four or five hundred) I have yet to find another that behaves in this manner when presented with the situation described.

I am reporting this only because of the high system demands that foldit makes when idle (and when actively folding), and I suspect that either something is amiss in the UI command interface subroutines or in the freeware graphics library used by foldit, and I suspect that addressing the issue may improve the performance and stability of the application.

thanks. Any comments from the developers on this behavior or its source would be much welcomed by this volunteer.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

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