Pressing R in the middle of a wiggle

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If you are in the middle of a wiggle and you press the "R" to release some bands foldit crashes a fair bit of the time. It seems to be a context sensitive bug. In come contexts I'll go for a while without crashing and other contexts it'll crash every time.

It's a move that I use a lot.

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Several other people have mentioned this. Does it happen just when you press R on the keyboard, or even when you click the Remove Bands button in the actions menu?

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"hit-R-while-wiggle-crash" log.txt:


ERROR: constraints.size() == constraint_geoms.size()
ERROR:: Exit from: ..\..\src\interactive\pose_view\ line: 725

(OS: WinXP Home SP3)

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Setting type. Thanks for the report.

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Client updated. Closing.


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