"hiccup" with 'r' hotkey

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On a few occasions now, I have had the following occur:
I have used the 'r' hotkey, only to have the game shut down on me - immediately. No option to save solution first - the game just completely disappears from my screen in a total shutdown.
On reloading the game this time, I was taken to puzzle 115, which had already closed.
Thank you for all the work you have been doing on the other bugs recently. Things seem to be more stable around those issues.

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Hmmm, that R key seems to be messing up for a lot of people... Could you post a copy of game's log file here the next time it crashes?

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If it helps axcho,

this "new" bug appears to be the re-emergence of the old "C" bug, when C was used to clear bands... The symptoms are identical, except that now the hotkey used to clear bands is the letter "R" instead of "C"

The "new" problem popped up at the same time the latest major release was issued.

Maybe Seth or one of the other developers remembers what was done to fix the old problem, or you can review the old code to see how it was handled differently than the present compilation. By old code, I mean code prior to the ~11/25 but after June or July's release.


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Not reported more. Client updated. Closing.


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