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Opened on:Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - 01:59
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I'm unable to load team solutions that have been shared for further evolving.

(I use Windows XP, if that's of any assistance.)

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What error message do you get?

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Hi Seth,
This problem only occurred a couple of times but while trying to access the same solution, but I think the message was simply "server error".
Sorry if I can't be more helpful.

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I also couldn't load evolver solutions. My interface showed only my solutions and one other group solution. I had a very high scoring solution, don't know if this affects whether lower-scoring solutions are shown. I couldn't load the other person's solution apparently because they joined the group late, when I tried it said the solution belonged to another group. I know this was a deliberate thing to stop people switching groups and poaching solutions, but in practice I now cannot get a single evolver score on the puzzle (potato multicystatin).

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User have to be in group when puzzle is started to contribute in evo.


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