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Opened by:Mike Cassidy
Opened on:Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 17:42
Last modified:Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 20:38

With the growing sophistication of groups/teams pushing evolving solutions it would help to be able to use cmd 'B' on several solutions not just the highest scoring solution at that moment.

A solution that looks good in the first several days of playing a puzzle may fizzle out. While one that is lower in initial points may turn out to be a better solution later. It is at the moment very difficult to play a lower scoring solution after you have touch the higher scoring solution. Using ctl 1, 2, 3 really does not help. Among other things, they will not return the highest point value of a local wiggle.

We a cmd 'b' tied to each solution.



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This reminds me of the "New best" feature I requested a while back...Is that what you're describing?

What I had thought of was a secondary, independent best-score buffer, resettable to the current score by the user, rather than the global "best score" buffer that Foldit currently employs, that would in no way negatively impact the global "best score" buffer, but simply augment it...

Is that what you mean?

It would require another hotkey than ctril-b (cmd-b for mac), of course, so that the original best score was not lost to the user...

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Undo graph fixed, up to 100 save slots. Closing.


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