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When tweaking a sheet the the end of the protein, the free end of the adjacent loop behaves like if it is locked.

Could we tweak these sheets in a way that the tension inside is released at the open end and not accumulated inside the molecule?


Edit: Some sheets at the end can be tweaked as expected, some others cannot.

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Set details.

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I rarely use tweak for that very reason. The model is not symmetric and causes movement on one side of the selection set and not on the other, leading to confusion as to the outcome of a tweak operation. It applies to both rotate and straighten, as well as rebuild... I suspect that we will find it also applies to register shift as we become more familiar with its use and outcomes of its use.

Although sometimes less obvious in its effect, this happens whether one end is open or both are constrained by up and downstream residues.

The issue *has been brought up before, but maybe this one will result in some further attention being given to the problem. It IS a problem. And I realize it may not have any easy solutions....Boundary condition issues rarely do, but I believe that it can be resolved in a more effective method than is currently employed....if only i had a better idea of what's being done in the code to execute this function (although I can guesstimate the internals), so that I can anticipate the boundary issue.

It DOES appear that you (developers) make a virtual incision in the protein at either node 0/1 or Node N/N+1 in the selection set to temporarily disconnect the junction during the rotate/straighten/rebuild/other process to skirt boundary condition issues... perhaps this is the flaw....

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is this still a problem?

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This won't be a problem anymore once we can add and delete cutpoints in every puzzle at will.

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Also we need to set direction or "good" segment/s to use them as base for tweak.
Atm it is always from lowest segment number in structure. Not always good thing.


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