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I've been told that this bug has reared it's ugly head before. On puzzle 104 - Helices Out Of Place - I was able to make rank No. 1, but due to a bug, one of my team mates was pushed up into the No. 1 position, and I was pushed down to No. 2. I received no credit for this achievement (which incidentally doesn't happen very often)- as I did not get recognition on the listings nor did I receive full points (received points for being No. 2). That was yesterday, Wednesday, 12th Nov. I must assume that she received full credit with my solution because of this. She is currently ranked No. 8 in the competition ranking and I'm No. 29.

Today is Thursday, 13th, and I logged on to see if I received any word back about this problem. I see that my same team mate has been credit for my solution. I ranked No. 12 and she ranked well below me. In shared solutions, she has uploaded her real solution, but after I uploaded my solution to share with the team, I saw that another file appeared with my solution, but the file said it was created by my team mate, and it wasn't.

Would appreciate it if someone could tend to this matter, because it will hurt my score and rankings if not. I would appreciate it if you would please update my score to reflect my true point total including my No. 1 ranking on puzzle number 104.

Best.... folditlady

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What happened to me (if I recall right) on 103 was this:

I opened the group solution which had been saved by MrAnderson at 9740. After making a few moves that weren't going anywhere I clicked the 'Return to best Autosave'. However, instead of taking me back to the top 9740 score, it took me to a different position with score something like 9736. But, as I hadn't made any moves, I was able to Undo back to the original 9740, at which point I was told I was Evolved with a score of 9740. In my case I pushed the score up to 9753 in the end so it didn't matter, but this could be the source of the problem?

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Set details.

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Some old puzzle. No more fresh reports. Closing.


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