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1801: Revisiting Puzzle 93: Spider Toxin166,586102/21/20
1799: Sketchbook Symmetric Trimer Design: 90 Residues1117,126102/19/20
1800: Poly-Proline Helix Design: Round 91110,529102/18/20
1798: Revisiting Puzzle 92: Bacteria1110,482402/18/20
1797: CRISPR-Cas Transposase Part II: Electron Density167,839102/11/20
1795: Revisiting Puzzle 91: Virus Protein159,121102/11/20
1794: CRISPR-Cas Transposase Part I: Electron Density1210,860102/03/20
1791: Poly-Proline Helix Design: Round 81210,473101/28/20
1789: Revisiting Puzzle 89: Cow Eye1210,493101/28/20
1787: CRISPR-Cas Transposase Part II134,021101/23/20
1785: Symmetric Trimer Design: H-Bond Networks1113,519101/17/20
1784: CRISPR-Cas Transposase Part I150101/14/20
1783: Revisiting Puzzle 87: Zinc Binding Protein138,416101/09/20
1781: Poly-Proline Helix Design: Round 61210,745101/08/20
1780: Revisiting Puzzle 86: Nematode176,468101/03/20
1779: Symmetric Tetramer Design: H-bond Networks1216,680112/29/19
1778: Poly-Proline Helix Design: Round 51210,319112/28/19
1777: Revisiting Puzzle 85: Cell Adhesion Protein187,998112/26/19
1775: Poly-Proline Helix Design: Round 41210,324112/25/19
1767: Electron Density: Kinesin Coiled-Coil1213,900112/08/19
1769: Poly-Proline Helix Design: Round 2139,993112/08/19
1768: Revisiting Puzzle 82: Cytotoxin158,124112/05/19
1766: TIM Barrel Redesign: Symmetric Trimer1524,151112/05/19
1765: Revisiting Puzzle 81: Calcium Ion Binding Protein1110,144212/01/19
1764: Symmetric Trimer Design: H-Bond Networks1213,015111/27/19

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