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I tried the following using Puzzle 24

Starting at the hairpin turn near the antiparallel secondary structure I tried lining up the amino acids with the template one amino acid at a time.  I used the harden tool to lock down my progress and would then keep swinging the rest of the chain around until the next amino acid covered the template.  I would look closely from all angles to ensure all the blue was gone.  After about 4 hours of this I had about 70% of the blue gone.  All that was left were the two helices.  Unfortunately, when I clicked on one of the amino acids, the whole thing blew apart :(

Apparently, one of the ribbons was upside down.

I suppose that with this strategy, a test as you go approach might be more appropriate.

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Tip of the Day?

This would be great to post in the tip of the day forum.


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How is that a tip?

The story was about how he had an idea, but it didn't work. I must say I had the same idea to try the same thing, but as I started to do it I decided that this way of playing the game is NO FUN AT ALL. There and then I switched off the solution and went on to play the old way.

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Not fun...

It wasn't fun by any means but at the time I thought I was making great progress towards a perfect score.  Apparently you can have a fairly perfect match from a visual  perspective with a different rotation of an amino acid but the physics just doesn't agree.  Even if this solution were to work, it wouldn't help with the real challenge of working with an unsolved protein conformation.


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