Puzzle List Fixed / New Puzzle Posted

We've fixed some of the problems on the server, news items and puzzles should be showing up properly now.  We are working to have any remaining bugs resolved as quickly as possible.  There has also been a new puzzle posted, 78: Membrane Protein.  Thank you for your patience as we work to correct any further issues.

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bug reports?

Is there a bug report address / forum?
I'm getting 'not authorized' on the FAQ and My Page.
I also always get incorrect password the first time and it works the second time.

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'not authorized' on My Page

Confirmed.  I get both also. :(

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... not authorized ...

I confirm both problems.

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same here

same here

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same errors

"Not Authorized" on MyPage and without fail I have to login twice before it works.  And, I don't have to retype my password because it remembers it and, therefore, it's not a typing error on my part.

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Problems with "Not authorized" etc.

I have received an error message while logging to the FoldIt web page (wrong password). I have asked for a new password, and receiving it and using it for login intoboth the web page and the FoldIt game got rid both of my problems with "Not authorized"  on the web page and with access to others' scores in the program.

However, there are still problems with displaying the new contents on the FORUM page.

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Me too ...me too.... and its

Me too ...me too.... and its now 9/2/08

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