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As you may have noticed, there have been some pretty major visualization changes recently, including:

  • New color scheme for the backbone.
  • Black outline on 3D elements.
  • Glowing sidechains.
  • New "cartoon" rendering of the backbone.
  • More visual indication when wiggles are happening.
  • Spiky clash spheres.

Please post your feelings on these changes below, and let us know about any rendering problems you might be having

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Love the new look ...

... colors are great. Easier to see what's going on, e.g. thin parts of backbone are easier to bend, BB throbbing (or whatever it's doing) to show that it's wiggling, really mean and spiky conflicts. The glowing sidechains look good, but they make it harder to see what's going on. The voids look less empty than the old ones (why?) but maybe it's because everything else is so colorful.
Still haven't learned how to interpret and use the flat-ish parts of the BB, but maybe Tip of the Day will tell me ... (are you out there, rosettamod? labrat? zz? feetfirst?)
As for the cartoon view, I like the old one because it seems like the angles on the spirals give you some information - but maybe that's just an illusion.
Anyway, it's getting better and better.
Anyone who sees it on my screen wants to know what it is, wants to play (sorry, only those specially initiated into the fold.it mysteries ...) so you're doing a great job.
Just keep new puzzles coming ...

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Don't like it

I don't like the look at all: the eye candy is way overdone for me. Even though you can turn off some of the stuff like the cartoon look and the glowing hydrophobic side chains there are still too many obtrusive moving elements. Take the Wiggle Backbone tool. When invoked, there are no fewer than three visual cues: four if you count the changing score. First the background colour changes: secondly there's an overlarge animated icon in the top left hand corner and thirdly the backbone pulses in a blue colour. I'd suggest a single visual feedback is necessary and sufficient.


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