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Hey. Please post you comments on the experimental new folding modes we've created, the "Rubber Band," "Pin," "Pivot," and "Harden" tools. They're located in the "Test" tab on the bottom. Are these tools useful? Should they be kept in the game? Might they be combined somehow? This would also be a great place for you to give us feedback on the existing tools, especially "Drag" and "Backbone."

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Pivot Tool and Question

I'm fond of the pivot tool. Question: If my structure turns into a complete disaster and I want to start over, can I reset the backbone to its "original" state (i.e. how it is when the puzzle starts)? When I click on the "Backbone Tool" there's a button in the top left that says "Reset Structures" which seems to me should do this, but when I click on it nothing happens...

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You should be able to get

You should be able to get back to any place in the past by clicking to a specific place on the undo graph.

reset structures is resetting secondary structures (the durations of strands, helices, loops), in case you've changed them.  if you haven't it will appear to not do anything.

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Limits of "undo"

The "undo" only lets you go back about 20 steps. So reloading the original puzzle is the answer. And you might want to save locally your version prior to beginning again, just in case, in the end, it doesn't look so bad after all.

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Restarting a puzzle.

You can completely restart a puzzle by clicking on File->Switch Puzzle (or hit control-p) and then select the current puzzle again. This will return you to the original configuration (and delete all undo information). To prevent loosing previous progress, you can always save your current state with File->Save As (or control-s).

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Rubber bands

They actually seem to do harm to a model that's already tight. It is as if the backbone is not flexing while they pull. So I would almost want to establish the bands and then be able to do a drag where things will still flex and get some rotation.

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bands in the structures

this is a very interesting idea... I think we're starting to have a better picture of how all the tools should come together.


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