Update with new features!

We have a new update for everyone today!  Aside from attempting to address some bugs and related issues, there are two main changes:

1. Rebuild should be much faster, and will explore many more of the purple backbone changes.  It will also be more likely to copy them over to your protein, and will put them in undo when it does, so you can go back to one you liked if you don't stop it in time.

2. We are trying out a new tweak action which currently allows two different kinds of tweaks: the much requested rotation, and idealization.  You can start this through the Pull Mode's pie menu, when you have selected a sheet or helix bordered by loops (and the longer the loops, the better!).  A little purple widget will pop up that allows you to manipulate the sheet or helix; you can mouse over it to see what each piece does.  Click on a curved arrow to start it rotating, the further out sphere to start idealizing (which will straighten out your selection), or the closer in sphere to pause.
Let us know what you think of these changes!  If the tweak action is useful, we may add more moves to it.

(Wed, 07/02/2008 - 19:56  |  0 comments)
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