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Q: What do the colorations indicate Golden Blue tan gray Q: What do the red areas indicate A: Laws of physics, two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. You've pushed things so close that they are encrouching on each other's space. Pull it apart, or wiggle the backbone. Q: What is the difference between "wiggle" and "shake" Q: There are several soundeffects, what do they indicate to me? Bubble pop ...there are other sounds. Sound isn't working on the machine I'm using right now. Q: Why isn't the sound working on my machine? How can I test the sound? Q: Why does my score drop to zero? A: You probably have some red areas in your current model. Thus it cannot exist in that form in nature and is not valid. Once you eliminate the red areas, your score will jump back up. Q: Why is all my line formatting shot to heck? A: I had to switch to the simple editor.

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Blue in the model seems to

Blue in the model seems to mean their at a good spot.

Buble pop means you filled a void, this scores you extra points
The ring of a bell, means you eliminated a red spot.

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I'm going to post a more

I'm going to post a more complete answer to this when I get time. But in the meantime, let me point you to a great website:


put together by Ian Davis, a biochemistry post-doc in the Baker Lab. This explains general information about what's going on.

~ Adrien (one of the game creators)

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all the questions

While I can't argue with Ian's opinion that "Fusce venenatis, turpis quis aliquam vehicula,", I think that "eleifend dolor" sums it all up.


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