Winners for Puzzle 55 and the Second Set of CASP Practice Puzzles

Congraulations to the winners of 55: Scorpion Toxin. The top groups were There Will Be Cake, RDFRS, Window Group, The Lone Folder, Hungary, and the top players were Diderot, dejerpha, agryson, N1Ls, Guyoni. In the beginner version, of this puzzle, the top groups were RDFRS, Something Awful, Minions of TWIS, Ubuntu, Another Hour Another Point, and the top players were Achant, TodayIsTomorrow, randomness, dav_id, Ignacio. Turning now to the CASP practice puzzles, for 1-2, the top groups were Another Hour Another Point, RDFRS, Something Awful, xkcd, Rule Britannia, and the top players were sirenbrian, Ignacio, dejerpha, Pof, randomness. For 2-2, the top groups were Another Hour Another Point, Minions of TWIS, UnScientists, Street Smarts, RDFRS, and the top players were champuli1, sirenbrian, gldisater, Ardeck, CalebEdison. For 3-2, the top groups were, Another Hour Another Point, Hungary, Gnome Sciences, UnScientists, and the top players were Guyoni, lalush, sirenbrian, jjsmb, daniweb. For 4-2, the top groups were RDFRS, UnScientists, LAlliance Francophone, The Lone Folder, Something Awful, and the top players were weitzen, anjen, Grommen, MeinGeist, CalebEdison.

A team of biochemists and computer scientists have been looking closely at your results on the CASP practice puzzles, and they are very encouraging. To calibrate our data better, we are posting CASP Practice 3-3: Human Fyn 2. It's very difficult. Good luck!

(Sat, 05/24/2008 - 07:00  |  0 comments)
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