MULTIPLE CLIENT VERSIONS: View options menu not shown in visible area

Case number:845833-2013218
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Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Saturday, June 4, 2022 - 09:03
Last modified:Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 06:57

The view options menu is not shown in a visible portion of the screen when I click the 'show view options icon'.

It has been present in several iterations of the main client now.

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Possible semi-duplicate of ?

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No, this is not a duplicate of that other feedback, it is an entirely different issue.

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The view options are not shown at all, it may be that the view menu (the initial one) is shown off-screen. That is what I meant with 'not shown in the visible portion', I can see how that may have confused you.

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Hi Bletchley Park! I'm sorry that you are having some issues with the View Options Menu. I just want to get some clarity on what you are experiencing. When you click on the View Options Menu button (the eye icon) do you notice any menu appearing or disappearing from your screen?

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Hi Sciren, I do not see any menu appear or disappear when I click the eye icon on the left side of the screen.
This is indeed my issue.

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I suspect something in options.txt may be wrong. Try posting options.txt and a log.txt here. I've attached an options.txt for reference.

I'm looking at 20220606-ed9789ddaf-win_x86-devprev.

I tried messing the position in options and also leaving the view options in various extreme locations. But after restarting, the view options menu keeps coming back in a visible position.

The last position of the menu is saved in options.txt, in these two keywords:

 "view_options/x" : "297"
 "view_options/y" : "43"

Another possibility is that you have a "legacy" setting in one of the "view_options" keywords. Try deleting all these keywords and restarting.

Yet another thought is that the view options menu has gotten jammed in some magic spot where it opens behind something else. So far, I haven't found any such spot. Deleting just the "x" and "y" keywords and restarting should eliminate this possibility.

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Still another thought is the view presets, which are stored in the "view-presets" subdirectory, with the file extension ".preset".

The presets files contain keyword-value pairs. The keywords don't have the "view_options/" prefix, but otherwise seem to match the view options stored in options.txt.

I tried adding invalid keywords, which has no effect. The preset still appears in the presets menu, and loading it doesn't seem to create a problem. I don't see a message in log.txt, so perhaps the made-up keywords are simply ignored.

I tried a zero-length preset file. In this case, the preset doesn't appear in the menu, and a message appears in log.txt, complaining about a missing header. No ill effects.

Maybe try clearing out "view-presets" and restarting to see if that corrects the issue.

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Thank you for investigating Loci, the issue is gone if I open a new client on that same machine, so it is likely something client internal.

Possibly it is caused by another bug that overwrites data inside the client causing this side-effect.
That is also why it is important to fix bugs first before introducing new features in order to avoid fallout effects elsewhere in the client.


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