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I know it's been around for a while but I never used it. Getting rid of the other interface put me off Fold.it for maybe the past 6 months. I decided to try it again and it's still the same. Mouse clicks do different things. I'm freezing when I really want to cut. When I want to cut I now have to click 2 segments while holding the ctrl button, then click a menu item when I used to be able to simply right click and cut (I can't believe I remember that). The whole selection thing where the thing you selects swells and turns pink is confusing. I can't figure out how to move something. I guess it's a keyboard shortcut now? I used to be able to right click on something I think and just move it or something. Whatever it was it was easier! I think I'm actually changing something when I am just picking something. The mouse click behaviors just completely throw me off.

After the change did the developers notice a decline in usage? Just curious because it totally went from a pleasant experience where I felt like I could move things (even though I'm not a scientist) to now me still not being a scientist but completely frustrated by the gameplay.

One thing I've learned in IT support for the past 20 years is that changs to a user interface is the one biggest thing that makes users quit. I've seen people literally quit medical jobs or cry at their desk because they could no longer do what they did because they totally lost the muscle memory they had learned. This feels worse because it's the actual controls. It reminds me of times I've tried to use a Dvorak keyboard layout and would constantly call the helpdesk to unlock my password because I kept locking myself out. If you don't know what the Dvorak keyboard layout is, it's exactly like how this feels. It's like trying to back up a boat trailer for the first time and everything is backwards. I dunno.

Don't take my hate personally. I know the difficulty comes with training, supporting, and maintaining 2 ui's is a problem. But clicks are no longer what they used to be. The icon layout I can handle but the clicking, dragging, & rotating, freezing, rubber banding and all is where I can't even remember how I used to do it but because it's so different I can't figure out this new way and it continues to feel futile.

Instead of making big moves of things the only thing I can think of doing is wiggle, shake, repeat, and then use a few recipes. All of my creativity to cut and move chunks of things or change sheets to loops and whatnot went out the window.

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Some new puzzles work with old Foldit clients:

One thing I've been doing is to update my 
Foldit clients cautiously. When there's a 
new version of Foldit, I tend to update in
just one client and leave several other 
clients with older versions of Foldit.
To preserve the older clients, I just 
decline new Foldit updates whenever 
I restart these clients.

A client that was last updated Oct 4 2021
still works with some of the most recent
puzzles (like Revisit and Electron Density
ones). This client has both the Original
and Selection Interfaces in it. One problem
with it on ED Puzzle 2142/2143 was that I
could not load shared solutions my teammates 
made with newer clients.

Other clients from Jan 5 & 11 2022 have 
the new interface. I have been able to 
share solutions between these clients 
and my older Oct 4 2021 client, but even
the Jan 5 & 11 2022 clients could not load
ED Puzzle 2142/2143 solutions made by my
teammates on newer clients.

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I was annoyed too when the

I was annoyed too when the old UI went away but I've come to rather like the new Selection Interface after a slightly painful period of adjustment. There are still a few things about it I don't like but I'd suggest giving it another try.


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