Top Group scores/ranks incorrect

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Opened on:Saturday, March 12, 2022 - 05:31
Last modified:Tuesday, April 5, 2022 - 01:38

Contenders did not drop 800 points and two ranks in one day.

We were at 2700+ points... now 1951?? Please get the Ferret to recalculate the scores.

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The Ferret ( has corrected the Group scores and rankings.

Thank you, Ferret.

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Problem resolved. Closing feedback. Y'all have a great day.

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Now we are back to 1951 points, when we were at 2600+ earlier today. What are the Ferrets smoking?

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Groups: Go Science looks odd to me.
I just took a snapshot of it, and it listed the following:

rank   grp   score
 1   anthrop   237
 2   beta fo   207
 4   go scie    78  ?
 5   l'allia    59  ?
 5   contend   126  ?
 6   marvin'    42 
 7   gargleb    40
 8   void cr    28
 9   austral    15
10   alphafo     6
11   team ch     4
12   foldit      3 
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And now there are no solo or evolver scores.

Is it time to bring back the Undergrad With The Calculator?

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Fixed, again. I'll keep this Feedback open until one of the Foldit staff can determine what is the cause... and the solution.

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Messed up, again. What is this fascination Foldit has about reporting Contenders as being in 5th place with exactly 1951 points? That's three times in as many weeks.


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