Only 3 remix saves?

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Why can I only save 3 remixes now. Before I could save at least 8 I think. When you are cycling through 32 remixes more than 3 is not unreasonable.

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I'm changing this one to a bug. I seems like each time you save a remix, the save icon overlays one of the tool controls. You only get three saves, because the third one overlays the "+" control, so no more can be added.

After one save, you lose the back arrow, after two saves, you lose the close button, and after three saves, the plus sign is gone.

Was any of this an intended change? The old version wasn't too hard to figure out, and seemed to work relatively well.

The new starting layout is kind of confusing, it seems more sensible to have the right and left arrows next to each other.

The icons used are also confusing. On the second save, the icon for the first save changes to a heart with left recycle arrow. Clicking on icon seems to save the current remix in its place. There are no tooltips to explain the options. I guess this is new function, or at least I don't recall a way to replace a save in the old interface.

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Also, each save is saved into slot 1, instead on saving into slots 1-8, as the remix function did prior to the "upgrade", so you can't save three remixes... only one.

I agree with Loci: BUG.

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This has been fixed. Closing feedback on behalf of alcor.


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