After changing band strength or length the values for new bands do not revert to 1.0 or 3.5

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For example: After re-setting any band's strength to a non-default value, that new value is used by foldit as the strength for subsequently created bands. The "default" value of 1.00 is still valid, but a user has to go back into the band pop up-window and click the default value button to reset the strength value to 1.00.

The same behavior applies to band length. New bands will not have length of 3.5 after changing any band's length.

Is this intentional? The new behavior allows the user to establish different strength and length values for new bands.

Main. 2083 Build ID: 20211217-25ed22335d-win_x86

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Part of this is indeed intentional. There is an option in General Settings (Ctrl-T), Game/UI, where you can check "Default band settings to last used". That is what you are experiencing. You can uncheck that box, and you will have the behaviour that you are used to.

What is NOT intentional (I hope!) is that unchecking this box will only last until you close your game client. See also my comment to another feedback item.

Have changed the Topic of this item from General to Game: Tools, and the Type from Suggestion to Bug.


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