selecting and copying not working in recipe output window

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Selecting and copying text is not working correctly in the recipe output window.

The Ctrl+A hotkey only selects a line at a time.

Using the mouse, it's sometimes possible to select an entire line. Often, the selection stops after only a few characters.

Ctrl+C to copy does seem to copy whatever happens to be selected, with the "Copied!" popup appearing.

In the recipe editor, Ctrl+A selects the entire recipe, regardless of length. Selections with the mouse work as expected.


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Hi Loci,

Due to internal implementation, selection in the recipe output window is limited to one line at a time, in a similar way that chat selection is only one chat message at a time. If the community asks for a way to copy out recipe output, we may be able to add this as a future feature.

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I haven't updated my clients lately, so I don't know all 
the changes that have been made recently, but it used to 
be that the contents of the Recipe Output Window also went 
into a file called scriptlog.default.xml. From this file, 
one could then use an editor like Notepad to search the 
Recipe Output and copy/paste any part of it to other places.
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Answered, closing.


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