URGENT Hot key Y invoking wiggle

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Cannot not fold with this feature. Is there a work around for mutate other than using a mutate script?

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I just noticed something else. When I hover over hotkey Y botton, ready for this? It says Wiggle backbone. AND when I hover ober M it says: mutate sidechains to the best of their identities. So now there is also no way to manuallly mutate a signle seg. So the workaround is to hit M to mutate all. Can fold now but cannot mutate segs individually. And furthermore I now see that the whole problem is caused by T being missing.

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I think this is due to stale hotkey issues. The letters in the icons are dynamic due to hotkey rebinding. So if you have old hotkey specifications (even some historical ones from the old interfaces), the displayed hotkey may be different from the nominal default hotkey.

Both the automatic mutate ("Mutate sidechains to their best identities") and the manual mutation ("Mutate the segment") have double-headed arrow icons. There's no much difference when you have segments selected, but when you have an empty selection, the automatic mutate action should contain an "ALL" bubble, and the manual mutation should be disabled.

To pick a mutation manually, simply select one or more residues which you want to mutate, then click the double-headed arrow which says "Mutate the segment" in the tooltip when you hover the mouse cursor over it.

If you want to go to the M/Y hotkeys (and/or return T to be the "Wiggle Backbone" hotkey), there's two options, depending on if you have any hotkey customizations you want to save or not. If you don't have any customized hotkeys, simply go into the Foldit directory, find the hotkey.txt file and delete it. That should reset all of the hotkeys to their defaults. Alternatively, click the Foldit icon, then "General Options", then "Controls", then "Configure Keyboard Shortcuts". You can either click "default all" to reset everything to their defaults (same as deleting hotkey.txt), or you can find the particular actions you're interested in and change the hotkeys. (There's an option to reset to default there.)

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No longer a problem.


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